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Covenant Tool & Die


Covenant Tool & Die: Your Complete Tooling and Moulding Solutions Provider.

Covenant Tool & Die is your one-stop shop for all your tooling and moulding needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support you throughout your product's lifecycle, from initial design to high-volume production.

Our Expertise

Tool & Die Manufacturing: We specialize in the creation of high-precision tools and dies for various applications, including:
Injection Moulds: We design and manufacture injection moulds for producing plastic parts of all shapes and sizes. Our process includes:
• Concept design and engineering
• Mould flow analysis
• Precision machining and mould building
Blow Moulds: We create blow moulds used for shaping hollow plastic parts through a pressurized air-blown process.
Press Tooling: We manufacture press tooling for metal stamping and forming operations.
Mould Maintenance and Repair: Proper mould maintenance is crucial for efficient production and part quality. Our services include:
• Preventative maintenance programs
• Cleaning and lubrication
• Repair of minor wear and tear
• Major refurbishment and component replacement
Production Machining: Our state-of-the-art CNC machining centers and wire EDM equipment enable us to handle various production machining projects.
We offer: High-precision machining of components.
• Prototype and low-volume production runs.
• Support for in-house tooling needs. 

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Benefits of Choosing Covenant Tool & Die

• Comprehensive Solutions: We provide a complete range of services under 
   one roof, saving you time and streamlining the process.
• Experienced Team: Our team of engineers, designers, toolmakers, and
   machinists possesses extensive industry knowledge and expertise.
• Advanced Technology: We utilize cutting-edge technology for design,
   analysis, and manufacturing, ensuring efficiency and quality.
• Commitment to Quality: We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations
   by delivering high-quality tooling solutions that meet your specific needs. 

Partnering for Success

Covenant Tool & Die is committed to being your trusted partner in the world of tooling and moulding. We work closely with you to understand your project requirements and deliver solutions that optimize your production process and ensure long-lasting success.

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